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Name: Nikki
Title: "The Food of Love."
Summary: Jax isn't please with Chloe's breakfast choice.
Warnings: Too much adorableness? Jax has that effect.

"Miss, I really don't think that's a healthy breakfast," Jax said, worrying at his lip ring with his teeth. It was early in the morning, but the babies had been kicking and woke her up early. Even after knowing Jax for forever, and living with his for years, and being pregnant with his babies for months, it was still weird seeing him without make-up and fingernail polish, which he ritualistically took off every night before bed, no matter what. Jax with his bright blue hair, and no matching eye shadow or fingernails, was an odd sight.

At least his tattoos always stayed the same, and she could see all of them right now; it was really early if Jax was walking around without a shirt. Chloe noticed a very recent hickey on a small, untattooed area on his chest but didn't mention it. They had an unspoken agreement about that, because he never commented on the marks that Joy left on her. Except for occasionally offering make-up tips on how to cover them, and Chloe suddenly realized that was possibly why she never noticed hickeys on Jax all that much.

Chloe only shrugged, continuing to eat her crushed up cookies and milk and pretended like she hadn't noticed that her soul mate might have had hickeys she had never seen. Not that she cared, but it was just odd to think of Jax as sexual sometimes. When she met him, he seemed so much like a baby chicken when it came to trusting people; it was sometimes still hard to shake that notion even though she knew that Jax had been having sex for years. "It's no different than that cookie cereal, Starshine," she lightly argued. "At least I know these are actual cookies. I've never had that cereal, so I don't know about it."

"That ain't a healthy breakfast either," he answered and wrinkled his nose. God, she could not wait to see how adorable these babies were going to be. "Couldn't you have least ate the cookies I made and milk? I don't know about these store kind..."

"Jax, it's only cookies. Besides, all of the cookies we had left were oatmeal, and I wanted something with chocolate."

"I made those cocoa puff cookies yesterday." He walked around the kitchen, preparing a pot of coffee (Chloe was sure it was decaf,) and also getting out everything to make a pot of tea.

"But you only had enough cereal for twelve cookies. Between me and Joy, and the few you had... The only chocolate we had in the house that wasn't straight chocolate milk powder were these cookies." Chloe held the cup protectively to her chest as she continued to eat out of it before the cookies got too soggy.

"Still. You should at least be trying to make it healthy, and vegan cookies are at least a bit better than those that are all stuffed with preservatives. You're eating for three, miss."

"Exactly." Because he was right, even if it was in a silly, parental sort of way. "So I get to have cookies for breakfast." Because she was determined to win. Childishly, she stuck her tongue out at him before taking a defiantly large bite of her 'breakfast.'

Jax crossed his arms and frowned. He sounded very much like a scolding mother when he said, "Miss Joy wouldn't like if you didn't eat something healthy for breakfast, miss. We're just looking out for you."

Damn, he would use that card. Joy was still sleeping, but she wouldn't have approved of Chloe's breakfast either. She might have agreed that it was yummy, nut she would have agreed with Jax that she needed something better.

"Oh, fine, go make me whatever you think counts as a good, healthy breakfast. Just let me have my cookies first." Like she was in a position to turn down food anyway. She was almost always hungry. "Just make something for Joy, too."

"Course I'll make breakfast for Miss Joy. I think we have some pesto pasta left from last night... I could probably make a frittata if you don't mind waiting a bit, miss. Lots of spinach and tomatoes in it, too."

Chloe smiled. "I love you, Starshine."
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