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Name: Nikki
Story: Sex Raises Some Pretty Good Question
Summary: Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer...[community profile] origfic_bingo

Oz was halfway through his tattoo session with Andy when he labeled it as the worst decision he had ever made. It wasn't that it hurt. A lot. There had been one section near his ribs that made a muscle in his chest feel like it was seizing up, and his arm was still weirdly numb and tingly while it woke up from falling asleep when he had to hold it above his head during the first half of the tattoo, but he had handled it fine. No, the worst part was that Andy had to touch him a lot for this to work.

He knew it had something to do with making sure the tattoo was as great as possible, but all he could feel was Andy's hand on his bare side, his fingers spread out over Oz's skin. Even with Andy wearing latex gloves, the firm grip and almost teasingly soft movements as Andy adjusted his hold was nearly enough to distract Oz from the sting of the needle completely. Still, it only added another level of torture; he couldn't squirm or move into Andy's touch without risk of messing him up while he worked and the absolute last thing that Oz wanted was to mess up this tattoo. Instead, he clenched his teeth, curled his toes inside his shoes, and tried to stare at anything that wasn't Andy.

It didn't work very well. Oz tried to stare at everything; the ceiling, the wall, even the back of his own eyelids, but he'd still glance at Andy after a moment. Jesus, Andy was pretty, but not like Jakob; Andy was pretty in a way that made Oz think about being pinned down and fucked until he couldn't really sit right and-

That didn't help things.

This was, by far, one of the worst decision he had ever made.

By the time the tattoo was done, he had given up on trying to not become hard, and was just focusing on not becoming noticeably hard. The tattoo aspect actually helped with that, because Oz decided that he really did not like this buzzy annoyed sunburn sensation. He didn't ask for a break, though, and denied one every time Andy paused to ask. When Andy finally turned the tattoo machine off and set it down, Oz let out a shaky breath and relaxed back against the seat.

"You all right?" Andy asked, not for the first time.

He shrugged. "Glad it's over." That was an understatement. Oz still did his best to not look at Andy for too long, and he was glad that he could at least look at his tattoo instead. It was better than he had expected, and he felt a happy thrill before he jumped when Andy sprayed the tattooed area with something cold that stung like hell before the area numbed a bit.

"Antibacterial spray," Andy explained, before he started to tape a bandage over the tattoo area. Of course, he had to be wrong; it wasn't over. Andy was explaining aftercare facts, but Oz only half listened. When Andy started running a thumb around the edge of the medical tape, and over his ribs, and side, and the edge of his stomach, he very much considered just seeing if Andy wanted to fuck him right then and there and get it over with.

They wouldn't even have to move much. He could just roll over in the tattoo chair. They wouldn't even have to take off their clothes all the way, just pull their jeans down far enough. Well, no, Andy would have to take off his shirt, but-

"Oz, are you even listening?" Andy asked, (un?)fortunately breaking Oz from his reverie.

"Take the bandage off after two hours, wash it gently with antibacterial soap, put ointment on it every few hours for two weeks, keep it out of the sun and chlorine, and no long baths or showers," Oz answered after a moment, even surprising himself. But he was forgetting something. "And no Neosporin."

Andy smiled, and Oz's heart did this weird twitch thing that made it hard to breath for a second, and before he knew it, he was asking, "Do you want to go out tonight?" Or any other night? He at least had the brains to know not to ask that.

"That's not a usual aftercare question," Andy answered, his smile widening, "but that sounds like a good idea. Dinner?"

"Dinner sounds great," he immediately responded, smiling back. Dinner, and then sex. Maybe. Possibly. "I can pick you up after your shift ends."

"Well, I'm supposed to stay late and help close, but... the good thing about being the boss is that I can say we're closing early. I'll see you at eight."

Oz thought he might be grinning a bit too much when he sat up and pulled his shirt back on. Maybe he had been a bit too rash in thinking this had been a bad idea. Maybe. Possibly. "Excellent. I know a good bar, with really good food and a good alcohol selection, if you're interested."

"That sounds perfect. Do they have good burgers?" Andy asked, stripping off his gloves and standing. Oz was reminded, again, that Andy was taller than him. Possibly definitely sex after dinner. "Come on. I'll fill out your receipt at the front of the store."

Right. They were having a normal conversation. "Pretty good burgers. And damn good beer and whiskey." Oz followed him out of the room, still grinning widely. He was delighted when Andy wrote his cell phone number on the back of his receipt. On the credit card receipt, just because, he left a generous tip. He was sure it wasn't too much; thirty percent wasn't outrageous. Still, Andy double checked the number before he put it inside the register.

"My apartment is upstairs," Andy lowly told him, deliberately brushing their fingers together when he handed Oz a small plastic bag that contained what he said was the usual tattoo aftercare supplies. "There's a staircase at the back of the building that leads up to my front door. Just knock when you get there."

"Eight o'clock?" he asked, wanting to make sure.

"Yeah." Andy smiled. "Remember. Take the bandage off after two hours, wash the area gently, and make sure to keep ointment on it."

"I will, I will. I'll see you tonight."

Oz didn't really remember how he got home, but it was only early afternoon and he had six hours to kill. He threw himself into video games, but time still seemed to crawl. When it finally seemed like a good time to start getting ready, he seemed to rush through every little thing, no matter how hard he tried to be slow and tedious about it all. After that, all he could possibly do was wait around, and not even video games would distract him from how slow time seemed to crawl then.

Oz was actually nervous about this date; he couldn't remember the last time that had happened. He couldn't remember the last time he had an actual date, for that matter. So he paced around his apartment a bit and when that didn't do a damn thing, he went upstairs to pace around on the roof.

He glanced up at what he could see of the night sky, wishing he could see more stars and the moon from where he was. It was hard to call it the sky when it looked the way it did here. "What do I do about this, Jakob?" he asked, hoping without reason that some sort of sign might appear and tell him what to do. Nothing did, of course. Oz seriously considering getting something to drink just to pass the time, but eventually it was time to go downstairs and call a car.

He debated with himself the entire car ride to Andy's apartment about what to do; he actually liked Andy, but that scared him as much as it intrigued him. He hadn't liked anybody since Jakob. Sure, he had been attracted to people, and he had slept with people, but the last time he truly liked somebody... Remembering Jakob only made him more nervous about things, so he quickly blocked that from his mind. He was still silently arguing with himself about calling the date off or not when he knocked on Andy's door a few minutes early.

Andy wasn't wearing a shirt when he opened the door and that pretty much put a stop to any disagreement that Oz might have been having with himself. Oz's eyes followed the dark curves of Andy's tattoo up his arms and down his chest and stomach, to the sharp V of his hipbones and the button of his jeans. He didn't remember Andy looking so muscular when he was wearing a shirt.

"Sorry I'm running late," Andy was apologizing, and Oz dragged his gaze back up -- and up. He always felt a little thrill when he remembered that Andy was taller than him. Nobody had ever been taller than him once he stopped growing, so of course Andy's height was a complete turn-on. "Just give me a minute to throw on a shirt and shave, and I'll be ready to go."

Oz wasn't sure he would have noticed the shadow of stubble along Andy's jaw if Andy hadn't have mentioned it, but he suddenly seemed rather fixated on it. Any vague plans he might have still had about dinner went out the window. "Take your time," he half-dazedly answered, walking into the apartment when Andy stepped back. "I was thinking. Maybe we should fuck first and order something later?"

He missed Andy's immediate reaction; his eyes kept being drawn down by Andy's tattoo, but Andy chuckled in a way that made him break out in goose bumps. "I'm not completely opposed to the idea." he said thoughtfully as he reached past Oz to shut and lock the door. "As long as I top and you can handle me."

His eyes dropped down to Andy's hips again. "That sounds fine," he said a second too late. "How big are you?"

Andy wrapped a hand around the back of Oz's neck, making Oz look back up at him. "Why don't you find out?" he asked in response. Andy grinned quickly before he pulled Oz in for a hard and deep kiss. Oz fell back against the door, pulling Andy with him, when his knees wobbled.

Jesus Christ, Andy knew how to use his tongue. Why didn't he think about making out with a guy with a split tongue before? Oz groaned and wrapped his arms around Andy's shoulders, pulled him closer to rub their hips together. Andy growled, his mouth moving from Oz's to trail open mouthed kisses down his jaw. The stubble on Andy's jaw scraped against his skin, making him shudder, before Andy stuck his tongue in Oz's ear. He moaned again, the sound loud in the otherwise quiet apartment, and tried to keep his feet under him.

"Do you want me to slow down?" Andy's voice was husky in his ear, as he dropped his hands to Oz's hips and grabbed him to hold him steady.

"Fuck no," he barely had a moment to gasp, before they were kissing again. Andy slid his hands up, undoing the buttons of Oz's shirt one by one until they were skin on skin, both of them moaning. They moved away from the door long enough for Oz to shrug the shirt off of his shoulders before Andy had him pushed back against the door.

They pressed against each other, skin rubbing against skin while they kissed almost desperately and ground their hips together, Oz panting and moaning while Andy cursed steadily. Oz was hard and could feel Andy pressed against his thigh, a sizeable bulge that made his mouth practically water. God, he couldn't wait for this happen.

He trailed his hands up and down Andy's arms and chest when they parted, trying to catch their breath. "Bedroom?"

"This way." Andy trailed a hand down Oz's chest and stomach, making him shiver, before he hooked a hand in the top of Oz's jeans and pulled him further into the apartment. Oz whimpered, his hips moving up toward the brush of knuckles against his skin as he stumbled after Andy.

He was pushed against a wall as soon as he entered the bedroom and Andy kissed him hard, doing things with his tongue that made Oz's head spin. He reached in between them and groped Andy's cock through his jeans (Christ, he was big,) and Andy broke away from him with a strangled moan. "Fuck, Oz," Andy hissed, his hips thrusting forward against Oz's hand.

Oz grinned, kissing and sucking at the top of Andy's shoulders. "I think we need to get your pants off before you hurt yourself." He traced the curves of Andy's tattoo with his tongue, slowly lowering himself to his knees as he licked his way down Andy's chest and stomach.

Andy cursed, moaning, and ran a hand through Oz's hair. "I think you're a complete smartass," he answered, before his breath caught as Oz dragged his tongue from hipbone to hipbone, just over the top of his jeans. "I also think you need to stop teasing me before my cock breaks."

Oz smiled against Andy's skin as he reached up to hurriedly undo the button and zipper of his jeans, stripping Andy completely once he did. For a moment, Oz might have sat there on his knees and stared, because Andy wasn't big; Andy was fucking huge. Long, and amazingly thick, and Oz was almost sure he was visibly drooling. Andy groaned harshly when Oz wrapped a hand around his cock, but Oz stroked him slowly, enjoying the weight of him in his hand. "Please tell me you're positive about the wanting to top thing."

Andy's initial laugh turned into a moan when Oz rubbed his thumb over the head of his cock. "If you're sure you can take me."

"Do I look intimidated?"

"No," Andy grinned down at him," you look like a starving man that's just seen his first meal in months."

Oz was sure that he wasn't being that dramatic about it. He took the words as an invitation and leaned forward to take Andy's cock into his mouth, taking in as much of him as he could manage in one try. He whined when it wasn't as much as he had hoped, and Andy's head fell back with a moan.

"Y-you really fucking want this, don't you?" Andy panted when he was able to talk again.

Oz moaned in answer, and Andy's hips moved forward. He pulled back some, not expecting it, but ignored Andy's hastily muttered apology. He sucked hard around Andy's cock, swallowing him down again little by little.

"Oh, fuck. Yeah, like--" Andy ran a hand through Oz's hair, tightening his grip on the back of his head. "Just like that."

He would have smirked if he had the ability to. Instead, he moaned against Andy's cock again, stroking and twisting his hand around what length he couldn't fit in his mouth. Oz dropped his free hand down to his lap as Andy slowly started rocking his hips forward, fumbling with the button and zipper on his jeans. Oz finally managed to get his jeans open and pushed them down enough to free his own cock. He whimpered when he started to stroke himself, sucking Andy's cock while he bobbed his head up and down.

Andy's breathing was ragged when he reached out to support himself against the wall. "You're fucking good at this," he said, voice strained. "Seriously, you--" Andy moaned and bit his lip, tugging sharply at his hair. "Fuck, you have to stop."

Andy stepped back before Oz even had the chance to process that request. He whined disappointedly, leaning forward to try and take Andy into his mouth again, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Why?" he asked, not caring if he was whining or pouting.

"What sounds better," Andy asked, still somewhat breathless, "blowing me and then having to wait until I can fuck you, or me telling you to get undressed and get on the bed so I can fuck you now?"

Well, when he put it that way. Oz got to his feet, feeling foolish and giddy and very, very needy as he stumbled out of the rest of his clothes. Andy kissed him hard and wrapped a hand around his cock once he was undressed, stroking him roughly, and Oz was glad when Andy pushed him back onto the bed. He wasn't sure how much longer he could have actually stood. Andy crawled over him a moment later, and Oz bit his lip when they kissed again, tugging at one of Andy's lip rings with his teeth.

Andy cursed, voice rough, and ground down against Oz who only opened his legs wider to let Andy settle lower on his hips. "Oh, g- Just fuck me already," he pleaded, pressing his hips up against Andy.

"Say please," Andy lowly retorted, rocking their hips together again.

Oz cried out, his body bowing and sliding against Andy's, searching for more friction. Andy frustratingly pulled away from him before anything better could happen, and he whined again. "Andy!"

"That's not what I told you to say." Andy sat back, trailing his hands down Oz's body. He shivered, moaning as he broke out in goose bumps again. His hips arched off the bed as Andy's hands neared his cock, and he moaned when Andy grabbed him and pinned him back against the bed. "I think I might fuck you like this."

"Andy," he panted, whimpering as he writhed under Andy's grip and tried to make as much bodily contact as he could. It was frustratingly little. "Just do it, I need - fucking need you."

"I could pin you down once you get used to me," Andy continued, like he hadn't heard a word Oz said, "fuck you hard if you wanted it. I'd hold you down and make you beg for it, and pound you into the mattress."

He could only make a strangled, wanting noise at that. Oz futilely tried to rub against Andy again, his cock achingly hard and leaking onto his stomach. "Andy-- Andy, please--" He moaned as Andy was suddenly over him, slamming their lips together and roughly taking control of the kiss. Andy kept Oz's bottom lip between his teeth when he pulled away, and Oz sucked hard and bit at the top of Andy's shoulders when he reached for the drawer in the table by the bed.

Oz grabbed Andy to pull him into a kiss that turned into Andy biting his way down his neck, sucking hard enough in a few places to bruise. Andy kissed his chest a few times as he slid down the bed and he spread his legs and lifted his hips up when he heard Andy open the bottle of lube. Andy groaned and muttered something Oz couldn't make out before he pressed a finger into him.

Andy didn't have small hands. He had big hands, with long fingers that were fucking magical. Soon, Andy had three fingers pumping in and out of him, and Oz could only roll his head back against the mattress and curse and moan almost piteously. He reached up to wrap a hand around his cock, feeling like he was going to explode if he didn't come soon, but Andy pushed his hand away.

"What's the magic word?" Andy asked with a small smirk, licking along the curve of Oz's hip.

"Please," he begged, too needy to even care, "please, Andy, I want - I fucking need to come, Andy, you've got me so worked up it fucking hurts, plea-" He cut himself off with a cry when Andy leaned over to suck his cock into his mouth. "Fuck."

Andy didn't bother teasing him. He swallowed Oz nearly whole and sucked hard when he pulled back, dragging his tongue stud over every sensitive area he could seek out. Andy swirled his tongue around Oz's cockhead, teasing his glans with the tips of his tongue before starting the process over. After a moment, he was working in time with his fingers, sucking Oz down and pushing into him, pulling back and sucking at the head of Oz's cock as he curled his fingers against his prostate and pulled them out. Oz writhed against the bed, practically sobbing as he arched into Andy and fisted his hands in the blankets. He didn't know if he screamed when he came. He didn't know anything except Andy's fingers and mouth and tongue--

Oz fell back limp against the mattress when he came back to Earth, completely boneless and unable to catch his breath. He managed a soft, shaky moan when Andy crooked his fingers again. "You're going to fuck me now, right?" he gasped, once he was capable of speaking. "Please?"

"Impatient." Andy nipped sharply at the inside of his thigh, trying to hide a smug grin. "But you did ask nicely, so I guess that's something."

Oz only whined a little when Andy pulled away and sat up to open the condom and roll it on, slicking himself well with lube. He eagerly lifted his hips and groaned impatiently when Andy guided himself to press against Oz. He rubbed against him, teasing him in a way that Oz was sure was purposefully done to drive him crazy; when Andy started pushing into him, he thought he just might lose his mind anyway. Even going at a slow pace, Andy's cock filled him, making the line between pain and pleasure blur and his eyes roll back into his head. "F-fuck, Andy, you-- so amazing, so fucking big," he choked out, pressing his hips against Andy to try and make him speed up.

He muttered a curse, a muscle in the side of his jaw twitching, but didn't move any faster. "I'm not going to fuck you until I know you can handle me, Oz."

"I can take it," he argued. He knew that he was definitely whining now, but didn't give a fuck. "Fucking want it, all of it, please Andy, fuck."

Andy groaned, jerking his hips forward, and Oz cried out as he saw spots dance in front of his eyes. He rolled his hips back against Andy, begging again, but he only felt Andy grab his hips harder before he pressed the fingers of his clean hand against Oz's mouth. He guessed it was an effort to shut him up and Oz couldn't help but be amused, past the haze of pleasure that was making it hard to think, that he had gotten Andy's rule to backfire on him. When Andy started moving at the same slow pace as before, he whined again before sucking Andy's fingers into his mouth, teasing his fingertips with his tongue. Andy moaned lowly, digging his fingertips into Oz's hips, but Oz had to give up with a frustrated sob when he didn't speed up.

They both moaned when Andy was in him all the way. Andy was biting his lip, grabbing hard at Oz's hip and shoulder, and it was all Oz could do to keep breathing. He could feel Andy up his spine, in his throat; he was surprised that he was able to make noise at all when Andy nearly pulled out all of the way. Oz arched his back, expecting him to thrust back in, but he looked down when Andy's hand left his hip and he heard the lube open again.

"I told you I wanted to fuck you hard," Andy said in explanation as he lubed his cock up for a second time. "Do you still want me to?"

"God, yes," Oz moaned, letting his head fall back against the bed.

"Then be patient." Andy grabbed Oz's hip again as he pushed back in, barely faster than before. He kept doing the same thing, thrusting in and out slow and lubing himself in between, and soon he had Oz so slick that he was moving in and out of him with barely any effort at all. "F-fucking told you," Oz panted between pleading moans, twisting the blankets so hard that his arms were shaking.

"Yeah," Andy answered through clenched teeth. Before Oz could ask him to fuck him already, Andy pulled Oz's legs over his shoulders and nearly bent him in half, pinning his shoulders against the bed. Oz's answering moan was cut short when Andy slammed into him, fucking him hard and fast and so fucking good, and all Oz could do was moan and plead and beg Andy to fuck him harder.

"Fuck, I love hearing you beg," Andy muttered, kissing him roughly as he sped his thrusts. Oz nearly convulsed, moaning when his already achingly hard cock rubbed against Andy's stomach. "Your accent... so fucking hot, especially when you come."

Oz shuddered, desperately wrapping a hand around his cock and stroking himself furiously. "F-feels so fucking good, Andy," he gasped, feeling Andy's responding moan go straight down his spine. "Fuck, please don't stop please make me come, please!"

Andy kissed him hard with a groan, sliding his hands down to grab Oz by the hips and pull him off the bed, slamming their hips together. Oz moaned loudly with each thrust, nearly sobbing again as he moved his hand in sync with Andy until he felt like he was going to explode. "A-Andy--!" He was seconds away from coming when Andy pulled away, and he collapsed back against the bed. "What-"

"I decided I wanted you to finish your blowjob from earlier." Andy's grin was evil, Oz decided, as he watched him pull off the condom to tie it off and toss it aside. "Sit up."

Oz moaned, continuing to stroke himself as he sat up and braced himself against the bed with one arm. "Keep touching yourself if you're so determined to get off," Andy said after he moved up the bed and grabbed Oz's hair, while he brought his cock to Oz's mouth, "just don't come before I do."

He pouted for only a second before Andy pulled his hair and made him moan, thrusting into his mouth when he did. Oz moaned again, sucking hard as Andy began a steady pace and moaned loudly over him. Oz sucked him harder, stroking his own cock in time with Andy's thrusts, and silently prayed that Andy would come soon because Oz didn't know how much longer he was going to last. Desperately, he let go of his cock and reached up to press two fingers behind Andy's balls while he sucked him as hard as he could.

Andy cried out, tugging sharply on his hair, and he felt the shudder go down Andy's spine. "Fuck, Oz-," Andy groaned as he came with his cock nearly touching the back of Oz's throat.

He swallowed, moaning as much as he was able to when Andy pulled his hair as he finished, groaning deeply. Oz fell back to the bed and tried to catch his breath when Andy pulled away.

Andy was still breathing heavily when he muttered, "You really are fucking amazing at that," and ran a hand down Oz's chest.

He grinned up at Andy, lifting his hips as his hand wandered down Oz's stomach. "Please?" he asked, whining in frustration when his cock twitched.

"You're sort of needy, aren't you?" Andy smiled as he moved to cover Oz's body with his own and held him against the bed with his weight. He kissed Oz deeply before he could answer and lifted his hips enough to move a hand between them and firmly wrap it around Oz's cock.

He moaned into the kiss, his hips arching with every stroke of Andy's hand as he desperately grabbed at Andy's back. Oz made a disappointed sound when Andy pulled away from the kiss, but it quickly turned into a rough, loud moan when Andy started sucking the spot under his ear hard enough to leave a mark. He came a few moments later, with Andy sucking and biting his neck and his hand moving fast and firm around his cock, moaning loud enough to echo off of the bedroom walls.

Oz felt Andy smiling against his neck when he let his full weight fall onto Oz again, and Oz murmured some sort of garbled comment of approval when he somewhat regained the ability to talk. Andy laughed, muffled against his skin, and it nearly made Oz purr. When Andy finally pushed himself up to walk to the bathroom, Oz whined softly, but Andy came back quickly. He had a rag and a jar of some sort in his hands, and Oz slowly went limp against the bed as Andy started cleaning him off.

He jumped when Andy suddenly started smearing something cold over his tattoo.

"Ointment. I told you, every few hours, and I think everything that just happened would have taken most of it off," Andy told him, still smiling as he rubbed the salve into Oz's skin.

This delighted the hell out of him for some reason. Oz looked at the clock on the table by the bed. "We still have time to go to that bar I told you about, if you still wanted to go out for dinner. If not, we could always order in."

Andy glanced up at him, looking surprised for some odd reason. "You were serious about the dinner thing?"

"Of course I was," he answered, baffled. "I seriously asked you out earlier. You were just... extremely sexy and hard to resist when you opened the door. If I hadn't been so early, this would have waited a bit."

"Well," Andy smiled broadly, "I'll go get our clothes and shave."

"Don't shave." Oz trailed his fingers over the stubble on Andy's cheeks. "Definitely get our clothes, but don't shave."

Andy raised an eyebrow.

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