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Joy/Chloe mix - Show Me Love

Download link to the fanmix is here.

1. "Crush", Jennifer Paige
2. "Wannabe", Spice Girls
3. "Waiting For Tonight", Jennifer Lopez
4. "Candy", Mandy Moore
5. "Show Me Love", Robyn
6. "Crush (EP Dance Mix)", Jennifer Paige
7. "Wannabe (2009 Club Mix)", Spice Girls
8. "Waiting For Tonight (DiJi Mix)", Jennifer Lopez
9. "Candy (2006 Club Mix)", Mandy Moore
10. "Show Me Love (Club Mix)", Robyn

1. "Crush", Jennifer Paige
Chloe always knew she liked blonde hair. She had been jealous of Diana's when they were little, and preferred it on the boys she dated. Joy, of course, had blonde hair. Blonde hair and a pretty smile, and she was the first girl that ever made Chloe feel shy. Joy would smile, and Chloe would stumble over her words, feeling so awkward and earnest with how different this was. She was used to being in control, especially when it came to what she wanted.

She did want Joy, but she had no idea on what to do about that. If Joy had the ability to turn her into a blushing school girl, Chloe wouldn't be able to wrap her around her finger like she had done with every other boy she had liked. That left her unsure on how to act, and so she didn't act at all. She only smiled, brilliantly, shyly; she did her best to look at Joy, not just glance at her from under her lashes, and felt like she was constantly pushing her hair out of her face from barely ducking her head every now and then.

She was mostly sure she liked girls at this point, but she knew she liked Joy.

2. "Wannabe", Spice Girls
Jax was the one she asked to go to a gay bar with her. She could have asked Faith or Diana, but Jax seemed like the... calmest choice. The club they went to was pure Jax. When Chloe spotted Joy on the other side of the bar, she was too shocked to feel pleasantly surprised. It took some nudging from Jax to go talk to her; it was unusual for her to be any type of shy, but Joy did that to her for some reason.

It wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Joy actually seemed happy to see her, which Chloe couldn't help but smile about. Better than that, Joy liked Jax, and seemed to want to talk to him as much as she wanted to talk to Chloe. That very much made Chloe like Joy as more than a crush; well, maybe more than that. Maybe it was the way Joy smiled, or flirted with her eyes, or maybe it was just everything about her.

3. "Waiting for Tonight", Jennifer Lopez

Chloe wouldn't have cared about impressing a boy, but she never felt like she had to impress boys. She felt like she had to impress Joy. She managed to get them the Fifth Avenue Suite at the Plaza after flashing the black credit card that Daddy had given her for emergencies, though Chloe didn't get a chance to really appreciate it until the next day.

Being with Joy was different than being with boys. She was soft lips and soft hands, and curves that Chloe pressed against as much as she could. They got to the bedroom eventually, but not before Joy bent Chloe over one of the chairs in the living room, and licked her until her legs shook.

4. "Candy", Mandy Moore

They stayed at the hotel, in bed the next day, cuddling and talking about themselves and each other in between rounds of sex. Chloe was determined not to be inexperienced for long when it came to sex with women, and Joy never seemed to complain about it. Chloe did want to talk; she would ask questions about little, random details in Joy's life, just because she wanted to know everything and couldn't really decide on a subject. The only problem with that was that Chloe ended up staring at Joy's lips when she would answer and end up kissing her. Joy was sweet, like candy, and Chloe thought she might be addicted to her already.

It wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

5. "Show Me Love", Robyn

A few months later, they were still together, and Chloe was moving into her own apartment for the first time. Of course, it only made sense to Chloe to ask Joy to move in with her. Considering that Daddy had offered to pay the rent of where ever she chose as long as Chloe and whoever else she lived with took care of any other bills, Chloe thought it was at least worth asking. She loved spoiling Joy a ridiculous amount and she knew how much Joy very much didn't like her own apartment. It made sense.

And, Chloe loved her. Really, that was the only reason she needed.
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