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Story: 'I Can't Move Faster.'
Summary: Angie cleans up.
Notes and Warnings: Takes place in April 2006. Angie is 19.

Angie was probably a little too violent when he checked the restroom stalls to see if he was alone. )
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[community profile] origfic_bingoStory: What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later.
Summary: After Jax's father dies, he returns home to Georgia.
Notes and Warnings: Takes place in June 2035. Jax and Chloe are 19.

Miss Chloe found him on the front porch after the funeral service. )
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[community profile] origfic_bingoStory: Architects of the Mind.
Summary: The night after he returns to Georgia, Jax meets Noah.
Notes and Warnings: Takes place in June 2035, the day before What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later. Jax is 19, Noah is 20. (Yay, I finally have a Jax spouse! :D) Warnings for mentions of blood and other unseemly things that come from skinning a deer.

Jax was up before the chickens. )
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[community profile] origfic_bingoTitle: Three Light Years And A Day.
Summary: Rayne grows up, Sarah survives, and Angie starts to change.
Notes and Warnings: Trigger warnings for mentions of drug use, and child abuse. Dates for each miniature are placed under the songs that inspired said miniatures. (Today, muses only wanted to talk in snippets while I listened to the radio.)

Read more... )
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Story: The Haunting of Violet Marsh; the title of this piece is 'Not Always Romantic.'
Summary: Kids have trick-or-treating. Parents have 'wait until the kid goes to sleep and take their candy'-ing.
Notes and Warnings: The story I almost never write because these muses are big jerks. I couldn't even tell you what year this is, because of how big of jerks they are (and my brain is refusing to do math right now.)

Damian walked out of the kitchen, looking into Julia's trick-or-treat bucket. )
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Title: 'Snuggle.'
Summary: Angie snuggles. Sometimes.
Notes and Warnings: Inspired by Thai and this comic.

It was apparently around one in the afternoon when Angie stumbled out of the bedroom. )
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Title:  'Remembering.'
Summary: Sarah knows the bad side Angie better than anyone.
Notes: Warnings for mentions of child abuse. May or may not have been inspired by this prompt. Thank to Thai for betaing, and convincing me that it was okay to write under 100 words.

Sarah knew how Angie destroyed himself better than anyone. )
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Title: Introducing Joy
Summary: Chloe, Joy, and Kurt go on a date.
Notes and Warnings: A direct continuation of 'Lapdance'.

They both rushed through getting ready. )
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Title: A Little Unwell.
Summary: Angie's not crazy.
Notes: Warnings for ableism. Takes place in February 2013.

'Spit it out, midget.' )
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Name: Nikki
Title: A Hundred Scars.
Summary: Angie is used to pain.
Notes: Warnings for child abuse. Takes place from late 1994 to early 2003.

She was around seven when it started. )
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Name: Nikki
Rating: R
Word Count:1,952
Title: Get Off On The Pain
Summary: Angie's life in 20 songs.
Notes and Warnings: Angie's playlist can be downloaded here. Warnings for child abuse, ableism, drug use, and depression and manic phases. (Interesting fact:  This version of Angie has a much happier childhood and life than the original version of Angie.)

My whole life I been picking fights there ain't no way to win. )


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